Social Risk Analysis

Globalworks develops data-driven approaches to social engagement and risk management. We explore digital societies and deliver unusual insights to those who do not wait for change.



represents a fundamentally new approach to manage social risks

Our profile
  • Specify dynamic risk categories for sectors and locations in risk countries
  • Define priority areas for collaboration
  • Evaluate and calibrate strategies
our ide
  • Evaluate independently and comprehensively supplier information
  • Select suitable suppliers
  • Identify priorities for social revisions

Our concept

“Self-knowledge is no guarantee of happiness, but it is on the side of happiness and can supply the courage to fight for it.”

Simone de Beauvoir in Force of Circumstances Vol. III (1963)

Globalworks helps corporations, organizations and authorities to understand social risks in their supply chains.
  • We screen social media in order to listen to the voices of citizens who have been deprived of their rights, livelihoods, or dignity.
  • We identify grievances in factories, communities, and places.
  • We put insights into context and evaluate social, political, and environmental risks.
Our mission is to inspire change in the ways we think, produce, invest, but most of all, in the ways we respect the right to a decent life and decent work.


Dell Report Wasting time, wasting youth

‘Wasting Time, Wasting Youth’ analyses labour conditions at four Chinese manufacturing sites supplying Dell. The report is entirely based on information from social media, which have become a crucial means to tackle everyday work - and life challenges in developing and emerging countries. Insights were generated with social@risk™, a new tool that can help tackling the supply chain transparency challenge.



Helena Magnusson

Managing Director

Expert on China and has more than ten years of experience in the field of labour organising. Political scientist by training and has worked as an academic researcher, senior HR manager at a large US-Chinese joint venture in Beijing. Certified in GRI reporting.


Stefan Brehm

Research Director

More than ten years of academic research experience. Economist by training and an expert on China’s political economy. Familiar with statistical modelling and spatial econometrics. Speaks and reads Chinese.

Petter Söderlund

Data Scientist

Has more than five years of experience in the field of ESG data analysis. Holds a Master in information and communication technologies and works as a data scientist in the banking sector.

Mikael Röjnert


Has more than five years professional experience in server management, front-end developing and customer support. Mikael is familiar with Java, Javascript, HTML(5), CSS(3), Xml, Ajax.

Gion Koch Svedberg

Data Scientist

Has more than fifteen years of experience as academic researcher and consultant in the field of computer sciences. Expert in automation, automatic process control, and feedback systems, including modelling and simulation, adaptive systems and machine learning. Designed and implemented distributed, intelligent systems, including applications in machine-to-machine learning and Internet of things.


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